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Public Beta Availiable - Win/Mac/Firmware [UPDATED]
11-07-2017, 10:54 PM
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RE: Public Beta Availiable - Win/Mac/Firmware
(11-07-2017 08:56 PM)toml_12953 Wrote:  FREEZE command rebooted physical calculator (HW C) the first time I tried it. On subsequent runs, the program ran but would not freeze. It went right to a return code of 1 at the end of the program. I replaced FREEZE by WAIT(0) and the program worked OK. I then replaced WAIT(0) by FREEZE and the program works as expected once more. None of this was necessary on the virtual calculator.

You are right, I checked that with two older programs I wrote, the one displays the grafic only with freeze, that did not stop, the other one has an additional wait(0) at the end and here I can see the graph, I do not know if this issue is older so that I inserted that wait(0) to be able to see what it had done or if I did it from some other reason.
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