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Public Beta Availiable - Win/Mac/Firmware [UPDATED]
11-07-2017, 04:25 PM (This post was last modified: 11-08-2017 06:56 PM by Tim Wessman.)
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Public Beta Availiable - Win/Mac/Firmware [UPDATED]

There was an issue with languages other then English on the HP Prime Calculator firmware file. If you already installed the original, I would recommend installing the update. No additional files for any other platform except the hardware calculator have been updated.

As other issues are collected, evaluated, and possibly fixed further versions may become available. However, due to the major impact of that issue I've uploaded a firmware zip early.


The HP Calculator group is excited to release a public beta for the next version of the HP Prime software. If you are willing and able to test, we invite you to download and provide feedback on the new features and changes.

[Image: 3d_graph.png]

Should you also prove to be a very enthusiastic individual with quality issue reporting skills, you may also receive an invite to participate in the more closed betas that happen earlier in the development process.

[Image: prime_emu.png]

While you can post in forums such as this at your discretion, we ask that the primary way of reporting be to send reports to Basically, the goal is avoid disruption or annoyance to other forum participants. You can pop up a pre-populated email template by clicking the "Report Issue" menu item in the programs themselves.

[Image: report_issue.png]

The files for Windows/Mac systems are now available, as is a firmware update file for your hardware HP Prime calculator. App updates may become available at some point in the near future.

If you desire to test an iOS or Android version, please communicate to with your email ID and type of app store. We can add you in and you will receive a notice for the app when available in the future. If you already received test versions in the past, you will still be in the list I believe and do not need to request again.

Have fun!


Quote:HP Prime Public Beta – Release Notes

Beta Use

Please note that this is a beta version which is still undergoing development and testing before official release. The software and all content found within are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. HP Inc. does not give any warranties, whether express or implied, as to the suitability or usability of the software or any of its content.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT HP SUPPORT FOR ASSISTANCE. You will simply be asked to install the supported public release, or communicate with

HP Prime – Release Notes

Date Released: 2017/11/06

Internal Versions
Firmware Version: 2017 11 06 (12951)
Virtual Calculator Version: 2017 11 06 (12951)
Connectivity Kit: 2017 11 06 (12951)

This release of the Prime Calculator firmware and associated PC software delivers significant new features and fixes outstanding issues. This document is not a complete list of all changes, but highlights specific items. All users of the HP Prime calculator are encouraged to upgrade for the best possible experience.

Please back up your calculator before the update. Any existing data on the device may be wiped during the update process.

Primary focus in this release is new apps and app enhancement.

Graph 3D:
1. Symbolic view:
a. Enter up to 10 definitions for Z as a function of X and Y
2. Plot view:
a. Use touch screen to view plots from different positions
b. Plot multiple surfaces simultaneously to see how they relate to each other
c. Choose surface coloring options to bring out features of plots
i. Top / Bottom: allows shading to communicate shape without distraction
ii. Checkerboard: emphasizes connection between surface shape and X / Y coordinates
iii. Elevation: emphasizes Z connection between surface shape and Z coordinate.
iv. Slope: reveals X / Y partial derivative features of surface - such as minima, maxima, and saddle points
d. Surface coloring options can be controlled via Plot Setup and, for quick changes, via the Plot view's contextual menu
e. Change function definitions while in the plot view to see how surfaces depend on constants
3. Plot Setup
a. Change grid size to trade off calculation speed against quality of visual results

Finance App:
1. New Financial Calculations supported:
a. Interest Conversion
b. Date Calculations
c. Cash flow calculations
d. Depreciation calculations
e. Break-even calculations
f. Percent change calculations
g. Bond calculations
h. Black-Scholes calculations
2. Plot views for TVM and Cashflows
3. Table based depreciation and cashflow calculations

Explorer app:
1. Replaces existing 3 explorer apps
2. Allows exploration of:
a. Linear
b. Quadratic
c. Cubics
d. Exponential
e. Logarithmic
f. Trigonometric
3. Explore using a familiar interface shared with the Function app
a. Touch and manipulate graphs directly
b. View tables of values
c. Directly edit expressions and see changes.
d. Calculate table of variations directly

New Functionality (Connectivity Kit)
1. Improved color pickers using a system default window

New Functionality (Calculator Software)
1. New Graph 3D app
2. New unified Explorer app
3. Extensive enhancements to Finance app
4. Improved graphics and interface for PC version of the HP Prime. Better color contrast, hover, and key clicked images.
a. User created skins may now be installed in "<Documents>/HP Prime/Skins" directory
5. Upgraded CAS to latest version. Also turned on many new CAS commands:
a. adjoint_matrix
b. bernoulli
c. blockmatrix
d. c1oc2
e. c1op2
f. changebase
g. colspace
h. count_eq
i. count_inf
j. count_sup
k. cycle2perm
l. cycleinv
m. cycles2permu
n. dfc
o. dfc2f
p. domain
q. evalb
r. groupermu
s. is_cycle
t. is_permu
u. lll_reduce
v. nop
w. p1oc2
x. p1op2
y. perminv
z. permu2cycles
A. permu2mat
B. permuorder
C. rowspace
D. simplex_reduce
E. tabvar
F. tcoeff
G. chisquaret
H. kolmogorovd
I. kolmogorovt
J. multinomial
K. randvector
L. wilcoxonp
M. wilcoxons
N. wilcoxont
M. insert

6. User key defines have been repositioned in the key handling process. They now will be done FIRST before anything else
a. Now all keys can be defined except SHIFT button, OFF and USER key.
b. Returning -1 will do NO operation in user key definition.
c. Returning -2 or less will perform default key behavior.
d. Be careful with your key definitions or you may hide some system functionality unintentionally

7. Internal color has been reworked to use 32 bit color. This means images as backgrounds will look nicer and gradients will look nicer. Programmer will appreciated the rework to make sure all ALPHA information for drawing commands behaves consistently.
8. ROTATE command upgraded to allow rotation of GROB objects.
9. Added the ability for small plots in Home/CAS history to display fullscreen using the "Show" menu key
10. Added useful information from AProgram and Programs variables to provide information on compilation failures to programmer if needed
11. Greatly enhanced toolbox catalog
a. Catalog now adds user items, CAS functions, and app functions
b. Search indicator highlights search capability better
c. Info icon allows viewing of total number of defined functions and useful information
d. App functions are visible with application icon in choose next to function name

12. Added a variable catalog that lists all system variables. Look and feel similar to new function catalog.
13. Removed Finance function "DoFinance( )" as it was no longer useful. Other similar functions in other apps (such as DoInference, Do1VStats, LinSolve) are scheduled for deprecation in a future release
14. Improved help for programming and drawing commands by creating example programs showing utilization. These may also be used as a template for new programs created through the program catalog
15. New "Empty" application.
a. This is meant to be for programmers to make stand alone applications that do not reuse any existing app views
b. HP recommends using this app type if you are creating a brand new app
c. Access the "Empty" app by saving a copy of the existing app, and picking "None" as your base app type

16. Added support for more standard derivative form in Function app
17. Improved graphing of continuous functions in the Function app to improve graphing of vertical asymptotes
18. Added ability to do multiple implicit differentiation - ex: implicit_diff(x^2+y^2-5,x,y,2)
19. Added SUPPRESS and INSERT commands for list/matrix/vect/string. Also added new CAS "insert" command
20. Added a new date picker through system in places where dates are asked as input. Added CHOOSEDATE user command to get date input in HPPPL.
21. Added two new spreadsheet app functions - ClearCell and CellHasData
22. CAS random number generator changed to use meserene twister

Resolved issues and changes excluding CAS
1. Resolved issue with digit grouping in User function define box
2. Resolved issue with allocation of too much memory on a string program call
3. Resolved issue with the ESC key in the program editor not exiting the copy menu like the rest of the system
4. Resolved issue with BINOMIAL_CDF losing precision at extreme values
5. Resolved issue with slant on ' " characters used in DM'S" angles in monospaced and bold fonts
6. Resolved issue with Android version losing first character when calling UPPER or LOWER on a string
7. Resolved issue with longer variable names in Solve app being hidden with ...
8. Resolved issue where logistic fit performed strangely with out of order data points
9. Resolved issue with using a list directly in Stat 1/2 Var app for columns on subsequent calculations
10. Resolved several issues with graphical drawing command consistency and ALPHA values
11. Resolved issue with "Info( )" and "Reset( )" functions in custom app programs not working as described
12. Resolved issue with INPUT when choose list field was defined as null
13. Resolved issue with INPUT not accepting/converting fields that are specified as Real/Int to expected values - auto converts if possible now
14. Resolved issue allowing HVars to define user defined functions (similar to define box) with a more compact sytax - HVars("foo",{"A","B"}):='A*SIN(B)'
15. Resolved issue with PRINT to ensure last printed item is shown on the screen instead of top of terminal
16. Resolved issue where a vector*matrix could sometimes return extra invalid numbers in resultant vector
17. Resolved issue with "order_size(n)" returned as part of taylor polynomial preventing graphing in function app
18. Resolved issue with derivatives of inverse trig functions in Degrees or Gradians using home numerical deriv
19. Resolved issue with [i, -i] .^ -1
20. Resolved issue with the negative sign being hard to read sometimes, especially on fractions
21. Resolved issue with ADDCOL transforming matrices to complex matrices internally
22. Resolved issues with too long names being accepted - EXPORT thisismyreallylongname12345678901234567890( ) accepted and would cause many issues

Resolved issues and changes in CAS
1. Resolved issue with e^(1+i) dropping parenthesis on copy
2. Resolved issue with int((((144)+((((981/100))^(2))*((x)^(2))))-((((24)*((981/100)))*(x))*(sin((40)*(pi/180)))))^((5/10)),x,0,181/100)
3. Resolved issue with int(exp(-x),x,inf,-inf)
4. Resolved issue with diff(Beta(3, 4, x, 1))
5. Resolved issue with fPart not appearing in catalog
6. Improved printing of (x^2)' or similar will now print using ' instead of diff(x^2)
7. Resolved issue with simplify(atan(3^(1/3)/sqrt(7))+5)
8. Add horner(P,x,newton) for Newton iteration on polynomials
9. Resolve issue with sum(1/X^2,X,1,inf)
10. Resolve issue with lu([1,2,3])
11. Resolve issue with pmin for nilpotent matrices (when proba_epsilon==0)
12. Resolved issue with limit(x^2*sec((1/x)),x,0)
13. Resolved issue with solve(solve([v10^2+v9^2-1,v10*v9^2-v10*v9+v9^2-v9,v9^3-2*v10*v9-v9^2+2*v10-2*v9+2],[v10,v9]))
14. Resolved issue with solve([y-u1+u2=0,x-2*u1*y+u3=0,u1*(2-x-y^2)=0,u2*x=0,u3*y=0],[x,y,u1,u2,u3])
15. Resolved issue with row reduction with parameters when det==0
16. Resolved issue with printing NOT (NOT (x>5) OR x>3 | x=1)
17. Improved solve for quadratic equations like csolve(x^2-(1+sqrt(3))*x+2) or csolve(i*x^2+x+1)
18. Resolved issue with series(Si(u), u=0, 7)
19. Resolved issue with cos/sin(2*pi/6-pi/3)
20. Resolved issue with derivative of Beta function
21. Auto-extend the field for eigenstuff, auto-extend the field for + - * / if arguments belong to a different finite field with same characteristic
22. Resolved issue with solve(4≥(y^2+1),y^2)
23. Resolved issue with $ with step if variable is affected (like in k:=3; [(k^2)$(k=2..11,3)])
24. Resolved issue with fix for upper incomplete gamma function with negative second argument, int(exp(x^3),x,0,6) is now working
25. Resolved issue with idivis of integers >= 231
26. Resolved issue with Psi(x,0)
27. Resolved issue with zeros(x^4 - 3x^3 - 2.75x² + 12x - 5)


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