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Different cases for the 41 series?
09-28-2017, 01:40 PM (This post was last modified: 09-28-2017 09:21 PM by rprosperi.)
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RE: Different cases for the 41 series?
(09-28-2017 09:06 AM)BarryT Wrote:  Hi all,
. Does anyone know how many different cases were made for the 41 series? Almost every one of them that I've seen are the longer brown case with zipper, like THIS ONE.

. However, my 41cv has a case that resembles what you see with the 55\65\etc series. It's the black case with two tabs and the velcro fold over flap... but unlike the case that my 55 has, this one has no front pouch for the pocket guide book. Apart from the missing front pocket, they're identical.

. Was this a common case for the 41s? If so, does anyone know approximately when hp switched from the black 55 style and started using the newer brown style case?

Thanks everyone Smile

'41s only came with the tall brown case (tall to accommodate the attached card reader); they came with a small foam block inserted in the bottom so that the '41 was still at the top of the case if inserted with no card reader attached. There are several minor variations in case coloring and zippers, but these are probably simply sue to different manufacturers rather than a deliberate design change.

The black leather case was never included with new '41s, but they are much nicer than the zipper case (IMHO) and many folks use them for their '41. The style with no pocket came with the HP-35 (there was no QRG, so no pocket needed) and possibly with some of the early HP-80 units.

The black leather classic model cases are much nicer then the zipper style and I use them for all my '41s.

Edit: BTW, if you have the black leather classic case style that does have the pocket, the original (shorter) plastic HEX/Byte table by Keith Jarett is a perfect fit in the pocket, which also helps to prevent accidental key-press when the '41 is in a briefcase, or drops, etc.

--Bob Prosperi
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