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Can this be solved with any HP CAS?
09-29-2017, 12:00 AM
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RE: Can this be solved with any HP CAS?
(09-28-2017 10:09 PM)AlexFekken Wrote:  Yes, domains matter: in the compactified complex plane, i.e. on the Riemann sphere, 5 is a (the) valid solution for the equation. No ifs or buts.

Arguably the Riemann sphere is the nicest and most natural domain to do calculations in (and to do function theory on), so in that sense I applaud Skynet's choice of domain :-)

Asking ambiguous questions and expecting unambiguous answers is just another case of GiGo. Blame your expectations, not the tool.

If your comments are a reply to my question (I honestly can't tell), I can say, with absolutely no offence meant at all, that it doesn't help (me) one bit.

What is a Riemann sphere? Compactified complex plane?

Maybe it's best for us non-math genius folks playing along at home to simply move along, lol.

Other than number theory, in what context or application does this stuff apply?

--Bob Prosperi
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