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Recommended battery pack for HP-19C?
10-16-2018, 09:12 PM
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RE: Recommended battery pack for HP-19C?
(10-16-2018 07:18 PM)badaze Wrote:  I tried to make my own battery pack using standard batteries (not rechargeable).

The voltage is 5.5 V is it enough ? Is it too much ?

5,5 V means 1,375 V per cell which is quite exactly the average voltage of a well-charged NiCd, i.e. that's what the original NiCd-pack should have delivered.

But you say these are single use batteries, maybe Alkalines. Here a fresh cell usually exceeds 1,5 V. On the other hand 1,37 V per cell means that the batteries are not fresh or haven been used for quite some time. You may want to measure the voltage with a significant load applied. Here Alkalines are much less suitable than NiCds or NiMHs. At least while the printer is operating the voltage of these partially depleted batteries may drop so low that the printer may not work correctly.

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