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Is there a single website for tutorials, etc..
09-20-2017, 10:42 AM
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Is there a single website for tutorials, etc..
I believe this is the main forum on the web for the prime, and this is an absolutely essential resource, and is very helpful. I've found everyone here so helpful that this is a great resource.
However, what is also needed is a central site where people can post helpful articles, tutorials, short programs/utilities (not apps...there is already a place for those). E.g. People can post how they are using their calculators to do research, short articles on how to create menus or forms, short articles on some of the undocumented commands (there are a couple buried in the cas), maybe an example on how to create a slider in your app, etc, etc...
I realize there are articles like these scattered all over the web. It would be nice if there was a single centralized location (like this forum) where everyone could go. It would also help reduce duplicate questions that come up again and again.
Info like these links could also be placed there (this kind of stuff is scattered all over the web):
...or for those we could just have a description line and a link to the site.
This forum isn't really the place for this. I have a bunch of links in my bookmarks to posts in this forum that do have technical info not available elsewhere....this "tutorial" place would be the better place for these.

HP did have their own "online magazine" called Solve I think, but it's discontinued and we couldn't just add articles.

....just thinking aloud :-)

Thanks for listening.
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