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Collection of HHC programming contests and other useful documents
05-20-2018, 11:28 AM
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RE: Collection of HHC programming contests and other useful documents
update 201805

All the info: first post ->

As usual, suggestions about what to include and the rest are welcomed.

Early release this time as I tried to collect very slowly to avoid side effects (over 20 days, 1 request each 30 seconds) some of the public discussions of this myBB forum (until thread 10720, but threads can be updated). This due to the recent losses that stimulate me to act. Of course they cannot beat a forum dump, but better than nothing.

The content, I think, can be greatly improved, but as in many things, one has to start. The collection tried to get only the links mentioned in the available discussions. For example there are a lot of youtube pages (each around 190kb or so) that are partly useless, but if one searches for the youtube video identifier, it works. I tried and I got a hhc 2011 nice video from Namir that tested the 15C vs the 15 Limited edition (of course, thanks to all the people that helped having that video online).

Many files are html files but they have no extension to match the URI and avoid redownloads.
There may be replicated content with other torrents, but once again, better twice than not at all.

The release is pretty big and my bandwidth is not that strong, so if you get it you need to wait.
Also, if I find the time, the next month I will release a new major update. That is, merging the updates in one single torrent (that will be huge, 5+ GB) and slowly taking away the previous torrents (aside from other seeders being available)



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