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HP Prime 7CD5180... DEAD
09-09-2017, 01:24 AM
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RE: HP Prime 7CD5180... DEAD
Hi jjohnson873,

Thank You so much for your time...

(09-08-2017 06:28 PM)jjohnson873 Wrote:  From a personal viewpoint (I don't work for HP), it seems like a rather bizarre occurrence that there'd be a rash of HP PRIMEs that are failing.
Your viewpoint is fine, I... as a reseller of hp calculatos since 1996 I have my viewpoint that hp prime components quality control is poor (like the HP 49G with serial port hardware problem, huge lot of hp 49G condenser problem, the easy to broke HP 46G+ keyboard, some hp 50g also was seen with broken keys, hp primes that die).. even the new revision c (blue keyboard that comes sinse december 2016) some few HP Prime users reported that the calculator not charge, never charged, came with battery charging problems from factory, I tested with battery from other good HP Prime and not charge the good battery... the issue is in the calc.

(09-08-2017 06:28 PM)jjohnson873 Wrote:  It could be batch related if they were all purchased from the same reseller (University bookstore?).
Not at all, I purchase from HP autorized distributor in Miami - USA, some user had bought from amazon USA, and not is a serial group.. are different revision, very different serials.

(09-08-2017 06:28 PM)jjohnson873 Wrote:  Were they all charged with the same charger that was shipped with the PRIME? Or were some failed PRIMEs charged with a USB charger of unknown quality and design?
The users said the last charge was with HP Prime charger the issue here is if HP Prime has a protecction. I think user charge with HP Prime charger and computer USB when connected to it...

(09-08-2017 06:28 PM)jjohnson873 Wrote:  Is the failure pointing to a failed boot loader and/or a failed firmware update? Hard to diagnose without more information under what conditions each HP PRIME failed. Certainly there must be some diagnostic capabilities of an errant PRIME.
Most said that was fully charged and they used a moment then the calc turned off, and never turned on again.. no vital signs = DEAD.

(09-08-2017 06:28 PM)jjohnson873 Wrote:  Perhaps a recovery mode if the firmware update wasn't fully installed or incorrectly installed.
No update issue..

(09-08-2017 06:28 PM)jjohnson873 Wrote:  The person posting doesn't identify their geographic location or what University seems to be seeing this problem. Post more details or contact HP directly.
I am in Guayaquill - Ecuador and an DEAD HP Prime is same here or there...
Other not charging problems:
1.- I advice the warranty procedure to one client.. And " THE NEW ONE HAD THE SAME BATTERY PROBLEM THAT DID NOT CHARGE" then applied warranty for second time..
2.- Other user that bought from amazon USA has same battery not charging problem and he use your HP Prime connected to a power bank.. yes.. like charging a celular phone all time...

HP support phone is a lost of time.. You call, navigate the products menu.. arrive to calculatos and no one to answer. Because that I suggested to one client go to HP CAS as the calculator has local warranty.

Would You happy if your calculator dies with only one year plus months of use ?

Parts for repair are needed.

Best regards
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