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NumWorks open source calculator
07-15-2018, 01:11 PM
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RE: NumWorks open source calculator
(07-10-2018 12:59 PM)Eddie W. Shore Wrote:  For those of you that have a NumWorks calculator, is it worth the price?

I don't own the NUMWORKS but I wrote the company a few times asking when it would appear on the College Board list of approved calculators, and they contend it will show up there next month. It's also interesting in that it is approved for the ACT as well as the SAT, whereas the Prime is only allowed on the SAT. The NUMWORKS also has basic CAS, which upon investigation isn't really CAS at all in that it won't solve equations like the Prime and 50g will. But despite having CAS, the Prime is still approved for the SAT.

I have a daughter in 10th grade and a son in 7th, and I've been looking for a College Board SAT-approved calculator. Ultimately I decided to go with the Prime even though my daughter feels the NUMWORKS looks cleaner, simpler and more fun to her eyes. She actually made the final decision. If the NUMWORKS had a complete CAS like the Prime, she would have chosen the NUMWORKS. But the Prime won because it has a richer set of CAS features. And since the Prime is allowed on the SAT, why not get it, right?

So I ordered 2 Prime's from Walmart, since they currently have the lowest price I could find, which is about $118. I spotted a $116 price on Amazon, but from a very fishy marketplace seller which from the user comments I learned that they import a Spanish version and sell it cheaply. The calculator would still work in English, but all the printed materials (and what few they are!) would be in unusable Spanish. At least with the Walmart version you know its in English. And the Walmart version is the one marked 2016 which has the darker print on the keys (the newest version of the Prime).

Technically, they could improve the NUMWORKS calculator in the future to include a richer CAS, but in terms of what it has now, the Prime beats it.
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