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Acron RPN announces v3.0 BETA
08-27-2017, 05:49 PM
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Acron RPN announces v3.0 BETA
Today we’re pushing out the first public BETA of Acron RPN Calculator v3.0 for Android. Highlights for this release:
  • The most obvious change is that the ‘base’ button has been replaced with ‘mode’. This still contains options for switching to based-integer mode, but also now allows you to control the number format when in scientific mode. You can now choose whether you want to use the perfect number engine, on always want decimal answers; switch between normal, scientific, and engineering notations; switch between floating and fixed decimal places; and control the number of decimal places that will be displayed.
  • The primary focus of this release is more subtle. All of the UI primitives have been completely rewritten so that the entire user interface can be defined in XML. You can now load a new layout XML file and completely replace the UI with whatever you want. I’ll have more details on this in a follow-up post soon.
  • Having a fully customizable UI provided the freedom to create many new math functions without worrying about cluttering up the stock layout. There’s a bunch of new number theory and probability functions, including a complex gamma function. And the functionality suite I’m most proud of – a full set of numeric algorithms for finding function roots, derivatives, integrals, critical points, summations, and products. More on this in a follow-up post too. Again, none of these functions are available in the stock UI layout; you need a customized layout XML to expose them.
  • An unlimited number of memory registers, scientific constants, and unit conversions can be defined in your layout XML.
As usual, all new development in Acron RPN is done on Android. When Android is ready for BETA, the code is turned over so that iOS porting can begin. iOS porting tends to take about the same amount of time as working out any bugs discovered during the BETA process, then we try to do a coordinated finalized release.

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