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HP 48GX Ports
11-20-2021, 08:34 PM
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RE: HP 48GX Ports
(11-20-2021 02:16 PM)MNH Wrote:  
(11-20-2021 06:26 AM)Han Wrote:  You can also store other objects in ports, but libraries can only be stored in ports before being attached and hence usable.

Is attaching a library similar to restarting a computer to complete a new software installation?

It's conceptually similar, in the sense that you can't use a program on a PC by simply copying the installer to the hard drive, you have to actually install the program first (which on some occasions does require a restart) and then you can use it. Similarly, after copying a library file to a 48, and stored in main RAM or on the stack, the library features cannot be used until it is attached.

So you can think of attaching a library as being analogous to installing a program on PC/Mac.

--Bob Prosperi
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