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newRPL: Alpha demo 0.9 released [UPDATED 2017-10-25]
08-19-2017, 02:07 PM
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RE: newRPL: Alpha demo 0.9 released [UPDATED 2017-08-11]
(08-19-2017 09:26 AM)The Shadow Wrote:  Finally got the new files, and they're lovely! And I think I've figured out what's wrong with the SD commands - I think the contacts in my ancient 50g are starting to go.

I noticed that KEYEVAL made it in at some point. Is there any way to make it ignore user-assigned keys? It used to be that one would just use a negative number, but that doesn't work with the current key codes.

Also check your batteries. One of my cards starts giving read errors when the batteries are low (when the battery icon just flashes briefly) , apparently is current hungry.

Regarding KEYEVAL, it works very differently than in classic RPL. It doesn't EVAL the object but simulates the key press. For this reason the only way to disable custom keys is to temporarily set flag -4 (FL_NOCUSTOMKEYS if you look at the sources), call KEYEVAL, then restore the original flag.
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