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newRPL: Alpha demo 0.9 released [UPDATED 2017-10-25]
08-19-2017, 03:52 AM
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RE: newRPL: Alpha demo 0.9 released [UPDATED 2017-08-11]
(08-18-2017 03:47 AM)The Shadow Wrote:  I found another bug, in SETNFMT this time.

I set my number format to "#.A#", then tried to change it back to this:

{ "S#.12#S." 1E-12 "#.12#S.E*" 1E12 "#.12#S.E*" }

But when I do SETNFMT, the third item doesn't change, it remains "#.A#".

In order to change it properly, I first have to do: "#.12#S.E*" SETNFMT then the list above and SETNFMT.

I can't reproduce this. I did copy/paste of your list above, STR-> and SETNFMT and it worked well. GETNFMT shows the third item changed to the correct string on all 3 parts.
I also looked at the code and didn't find anything that could explain what you saw.
Perhaps the numbers were both 1E-12?
Please test again and report back, I need more info to catch this bug (if it's there).

(08-19-2017 01:47 AM)The Shadow Wrote:  I'm curious what the problem was with ->Q?

The algorithm uses numerator and denominator < 2^63 (integers), and there was an overflow that was improperly detected (some rare cases failed to detect overflow). This was the case with pi0 0 +, that overflow was throwing the fraction off.

(08-19-2017 02:16 AM)The Shadow Wrote:  Claudio,

Did you see the bug in SETNFMT I mentioned last page?
I did now.

(08-19-2017 02:16 AM)The Shadow Wrote:  Also, I downloaded the file and installed it on my 50g, but ->Q is still broken and there are no new SD commands. The file was modified today, though, so perhaps you uploaded the wrong one by accident?

I just SSH'd to the server and the 3 files are correct. Perhaps there's caching going on somewhere between you and the server? Also, my browser renames the new downloaded files to "newrplfw (1).bin" if there's an existing file with that name. Perhaps it did that to you? Running VERSION should be build 879, and typing SDARCHIVE or SDRESTORE should show them in autocomplete, they should also be visible on the SD Card menu.
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