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newRPL: Alpha demo 0.9 released [UPDATED 2017-10-25]
08-18-2017, 10:41 PM
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RE: newRPL: Alpha demo 0.9 released [UPDATED 2017-08-11]
(08-18-2017 09:37 PM)The Shadow Wrote:  Okay, after quite a lot of programming and playing around, I have some more observations.

Most commands that take lists as input (ie, PURGE, LOCKVAR, etc.) leave an empty list on the stack after running. This probably has to do with the changes in how lists work - I'd recommend tweaking them to do a DROP at the end.

Likewise, if you EVAL a list from PATH, you get an empty list. Not sure how to fix this.

Self inflicted damage... this is a regression. These commands used to rely on EVAL to get rid of the empty list. But at some point I decided that EVAL should work element wise rather than explode the list for consistency, and I forgot about all other commands that rely on this behavior. It's a simple fix, I'll put it in the bug tracker.

(08-18-2017 09:37 PM)The Shadow Wrote:  SDSTO and other commands that involve writing to the SD card fail most of the time. It isn't an issue with my card, as I can write to it on my oldRPL 50g and my computer with no trouble. The only partial pattern I've noted is that sometimes, when I have written to the card with another machine, then put it back in my newRPL 50g, it will work for a while. But not always.

That's very strange, it works very well on both my calculators, with all the SD cards I could find here to test (4 of them). Would be nice to have your card to see what the problem is.

(08-18-2017 09:37 PM)The Shadow Wrote:  A "SADD" command, that runs ADD on a variable and stores the result, is very useful - much more so than SINV or SCONJ. It's easy enough to code, but it might be worth building in. (You used to be able to do this with STO+, but obviously not any more.)
Makes sense, perhaps should be STOADD for consistency with STO+, and to avoid the confusion with SREPL and other "S" commands.

(08-18-2017 09:37 PM)The Shadow Wrote:  The command line has some quirks compared to the old 50g. You used to be able, for example, to type 1GET, without a space, and it would work. Now it puts 1 and GET on the stack.

Likewise, the program editor seems really persnickety about spaces at times, particularly if a space doesn't get left between commands and the delimiters.
newRPL spaces are mandatory, save a few cases. Number+ident is accepted, can't recall exactly why this was necessary.
Some of the brackets also accept the lack of space but not all, I need to double check and make it consistent.

(08-18-2017 09:37 PM)The Shadow Wrote:  All of that said, this is the first version of newRPL that I can really sink my teeth into. Great work!

Sink your teeth in this: I just uploaded a version that fixes ->Q, and also implements SDARCHIVE/SDRESTORE. Just provide a file name and will store everything, including the stack.
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