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Which calculators had no known bugs?
06-14-2021, 05:54 AM
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RE: Which calculators had no known bugs?
(06-14-2021 12:52 AM)mfleming Wrote:  
(06-13-2021 02:17 PM)Roberto Volpi Wrote:  Well, it means that our beloved HP35S is not alone in the universe.

Why is it so unfairly bashed?

Because it was made in this century, not last century? Smile

All the more reason to expect more bugs, not less. Most of the calculator models we remember fondly were made prior to the mid 1990's and were often used as professional tools by engineers, scientists and yes, students. They were made at a time when these groups were willing to pay relatively high prices for a tool that made their professions easier and more productive. As such, they were profitable enough for the companies that made them to be able to devote a good amount of resources on their development and support. Even so as this thread shows, there were plenty of bugs that were sometimes fixed in future ROM versions and sometimes not fixed at all. After the mid 90's calculators of all types become commodity items. By the time the HP 35s was outsourced to Kinpo, calculators were largely used only by students and had a very small profit margin. There was no money available to fix bugs or provide high quality support. As long as the model was still profitable, no changes were deemed necessary
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