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HP-41 Android AMC OSX module CAT1
07-07-2017, 03:32 PM
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RE: HP-41 Android AMC OSX module CAT1
(07-06-2017 06:59 AM)Ángel Martin Wrote:  By popular demand, "XEQ+" it is !

See attached Zip container with the ROM and MOD files.
Can't wait to try this! Related question - is there any sort of module dependency for Warp? I downloaded an earlier version to a 41CL with Lib4, OSX & YFNX but had problems with the stack test command. After presenting the comparison menu it would not respond to the menu keys. I didn't have a further chance to pursue module ordering in the pages.

(07-07-2017 06:22 AM)gjmcclure Wrote:  Mark, I created some Visual Basic programs to strip a MOD into the MOD info and ROMs, and to do the reverse. Not sure you want those since they are not really user friendly. I do know that MLDL2K (from will take ROMS and put them into MOD files (you have to know what you are doing in the MOD section). It also will take MOD files and separate them into ROMs, so you can go both ways. You don't have to have the MLDL2K hardware to run the program, and a manual comes with it to explain what you need to do.

Thanks for the information. I've held off setting up a development environment for the 41 because of the work involved, but it sounds like it's time to make that sort of committment. I have a couple of projects in-flight that would benefit from a deeper understanding of the 41 internals. I'll start with the MLDL2K docs this weekend. I have a feeling there is a lot of reading to do in my future!


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