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HP-82183A... Problem with ASTEC 0950-0408 :(
07-01-2017, 11:19 AM
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RE: HP-82183A... Problem with ASTEC 0950-0408 :(
on your first post there is a picture with C7 (elco) on the nearby view of your astec supply. the negative bonding of this cap looks very ugly(burned).
check if still fastened(bonded) to the alu cap. does it get hot? when available check
with an osciloscope. there should be no ripple. altenativly check with an multimeter.
on the dc-volt setting you should get your desired voltage, on ac-voltage setting there should be only small ripple voltage(about .5v). from the picture i would guess the cap is ca150mikro-farad 25v. this could serve as stabiliser for the astec-supply? when faulty the hole printer subsystem will get fussy...
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