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HP-97 printer repaired
06-18-2017, 12:26 PM
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RE: HP-97 printer repaired
Today I tried to repair the printer of another HP-97 with heat shrink tube. The paper transport was definitely not working.

I disassembled the printer, trained by the last time success, and tried to fix the heat shrink tube on the two paper feed rolls. This time the task became more difficult, because the tube slided away from the center of the rolls while shrinking and I recognized that I needed a smaller tube diameter, which I didn't had at hand. While heating I observed a small oily film emerging from the original rolls, like fluid rubber. After cooling down I removed the oily substance and recognized that now the surface seemed to have much more grip than before. So I decided to reassemble the printer without attaching the heat shrink tube. And to my surprise it works flawlessly.

I don't know whether this is a permanent repair, or even whether HP intentionally provided a material, which allows to refurbish the paper feed rolls, just by heating them up and let cooling down. I have a third HP-97 printer repair in schedule for next time, perhaps I will try the same again.

[Image: uc?export=view&id=0Bwx8KUfOUL_RT3pHbE1Oa1Eydzg]

This is the result: perfectly aligned print lines. Smile


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