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Programming puzzles: processing lists!
05-26-2017, 10:48 PM
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RE: Programming puzzles: processing lists!
(05-25-2017 09:57 PM)John Keith Wrote:  Thanks for posting that, David. I will be very busy for the next week or so but I will give it a try when I get the chance. SysRPL and Saturn assembly are mostly "above my pay grade" but I can see that several of the library functions will be very useful for the sort of programming that I do, and hopefully for others as well. I therefor strongly (and selfishly!) encourage further development of this library.


I tried several of the functions, all with lists of 1000 exact integers.

LCNT, LROT, and LSWP are impressively fast, taking less than 1/4 of a second.

LDDUP is faster than GoferList's Nub (5.3s vs. 6.2s on the list I tried) and returns the same result list.

LGRP takes around 3.2s on a list of 1000 integers in the range 0..9.

LSHF takes about 8.8s and about 0.4s for a list of 52 integers.

There seems to be a bug in the LREPL function- it works properly when executed from the command line but does nothing when used in a program, e.g.:
\<< {10} {999} LREPL \>>

I have not yet tried any other functions.

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