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Programming puzzles: processing lists!
02-14-2019, 09:23 PM (This post was last modified: 02-14-2019 09:24 PM by pier4r.)
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RE: Programming puzzles: processing lists!
(02-14-2019 09:13 PM)DavidM Wrote:  Absolutely. And I would suggest that RPL is rich enough that there are many different paths to this kind of discovery. Despite many years of tinkering with these systems, I keep seeing people come up with new and interesting ways of solving problems that never cease to amaze.

Indeed. It is impressive that RPL even being stable since a while in terms of built in functions, still is a world - at least for me - to explore. I also believe that this is due to contributions scattered around that are difficult to be found and therefore will be rediscovered again.

Of course having many RPL capable devices and craving to use them helps. (I use the emulator only in case of emergency or extreme laziness although I know it is a great work together with debug4x)

Somewhen then I have also the newRPL to explore, that is still growing.

Wikis are great, Contribute :)
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