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Is a spare 35S a good idea or redundant?
03-21-2017, 02:48 AM
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RE: Is a spare 35S a good idea or redundant?
(03-20-2017 12:14 PM)cjmcc Wrote:  
(03-18-2017 11:03 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  ... For me, if I don't have confidence in a machine, I won't use, and if your advice is just don't use it for programs, there are cheaper and better machines available.

Which machines would you suggest instead for someone wanting the best possible HP/RPN experience at a decent price?

Hmmm.... "Decent" is a relative thing. If you mean in the range of a new 35S, about $65, there are not too many choices.

RPN: For scientific programmable machines on a limited budget, a used 32S is very good. A 32SII is better (if you need/like the enhancements such as fractions) but will always cost more. A 42S can't be beat, but will cost a lot, though the SwissMicros DM42, due out in a couple months, will do all a 42 can do, much faster, with a much larger LCD and with FAR higher precision and should cost in the area of $200.

RPL: If you are willing to invest the time to learn RPL, you can get a new 50g for less than $75, and though a 50g is far superior in every way, a 48GX still feels better, and retains more of the traditional HP 'way'. If you go for a 48GX, I highly recommend you find one with black LCD (which will cost up to $50 more) as it is MUCH easier on the eyes than the original, lower contrast blue. Also, a 48GX will seem quite slow once you've used a 50g, but it's less noticeable if you don't use 50g or Prime, etc. which respond virtually instantly for almost all operations.

Some folks prefer the color scheme and kbd layout of the 48SX over the 48GX, but this is (IMHO) due to those folks having learned the 48SX before trying the GX. There were no 48SX machines made with black LCDs but you can transplant a black LCD (e.g. from a 39G, which often sell for $15) into them. 48SX with black LCD is one of the nicest looking machines, again in my opinion.

Lastly, if you don't absolutely need scientific functions, then I'd recommend an HP-17BII, which you can often get for $20-30. This is a great RPN machine, and while it does not provide keystroke programming, it does include the HP Solve application, which is very flexible, and easy to use for equation solving. Don't get either of the 17BII+ versions as the solver in them isn't reliable.

--Bob Prosperi
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