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1-AUG-2019 SolveSys - Equation Library and Nonlinear Systems Solver
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RE: SolveSys - Equation Library and Multiple Equations Solver
EDIT: New uploads in first post

(02-20-2017 07:55 AM)akmon Wrote:  
Quote:EDIT: Regarding the bold within the quote -- please let me know which system had thes symptoms.

Forces and Energy
Linear Mechanics

I select 3 equations: Ki=1/2*m*vi^2, Kf=1/2*m*vf^2 and W=Kf-Ki
I insert m=2, vi=5 and vf=8 as constants. So we have 3 variables to solve in 3 equations. It always return to equation menu. I use several guess values, but the result is always the same.

It looks like when selecting fewer equations than the entire system, the posted version did not properly store the initial values. I made a recent change that likely fixed the issue. In the ssVarBrowswer() function, toward its end, there is a 'p' that should be a 'j'. The only reference to p should be vals(p) and everything else should be referencing j.

  if j then

    for j from 1 to n do
      if pos(ssGlobal,ssCurVars(j)) then
        expr(ssCurVars(j) + ":=" + vals(p));

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