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App Check(n)?
01-14-2017, 06:25 PM (This post was last modified: 01-14-2017 07:09 PM by toshk.)
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RE: App Check(n)?
(01-14-2017 05:16 PM)DrD Wrote:  If it is desired to set the checkbox for the Advanced_Graphing app, while the current app is something else (say, the Function app), can this be done programmatically?

For example:

LOCAL a,b;
EXPR(a+".V1:=" + 'b');  // ==> V1:=X+Y=4

Is it currently possible to CHECK(1) in the Advanced_Graphing App, if some other app is the current app? Some variation on this theme:

a.CHECK(1); // ==> to set the V1 check box.

V1 is a reserved variable for Advanced_Graphing does not matter what the current app is. Qualify V1 with a name if you saved a copy of the Advanced_Graphing_copy.
CHECK() can be qualified with app name(s) ...or use startapp(); then CHECK().
if there no save copy of "Advanced_Graphing" then
LOCAL a,b;
EXPR("V1:=" + 'b'); // ==> V1:=X+Y=4 under any current app.
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