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newRPL: Output to a text console
01-13-2017, 02:19 PM
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RE: newRPL: Output to a text console
(01-13-2017 10:37 AM)Vtile Wrote:  Sounds handy feature. The UserRPL output commands are indeed a bit cumbersome to use and I find myself usually just dumping the explanary text as a string object to the stack. While it works and the console is pretty identical between, the stack do have limitation in formatting and in the fact that there is no "Page break" inbuild to system to separate parts of the stack for easy cleaning, copying and so forth. With console you would have the sketch paper (stack) and final copy (console). I wouldn't mind if the console would also allow a grob objects as input and show them statically (without editor functionality) in that line of prompt where they were included. That way you could also include a infographic in your output if needed (it would be then close to a virtual printer).

So you need a new object called console and it is stored in the current directory like pictures??

I like the idea of being able to mix text and graphics on the console. But not GROB objects per se. The idea is for newRPL to have PLOT objects, which are vector graphics, in a compact format designed to be similar to SVG so it can easily be exported to SVG.
I think vector graphics are much more flexible for the type of sketches and function plots that are usually needed in engineering, and can be rescaled for printing without losing quality. Also PICT will be a PLOT object, therefore you should be able to insert a function plot directly into the console output.

So now we'll have a text console that can mix-in some vector graphics... starting to sound too much like a web browser (I can see it coming: compsystems will request javascript support :-). On the positive side, it would be nice to be able to export the console text to HTML with embedded SVG sketches, so whatever you worked on your calc can be viewed on any browser.

Regarding where to store the console, if we think applications will be organized (enclosed) in a directory, it makes sense for each application to have its independent console, so that running an app doesn't overwrite the output of another. Putting the console in a (hidden? visible?) variable 'CONSOLE' or 'Console' (to make it less conflictive with user variables) seems like a good choice. And don't forget, to avoid directory clutter you can always create a local variable with that name before writing to the console. All writes to the console will be directed to your local variable, working more like "private" consoles for each routine, that get cleaned up automatically when the local variable goes out of scope.
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