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HP97: Who was the killer (resistor or transistor)?
12-05-2016, 10:41 PM
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RE: HP97: Who was the killer (resistor or transistor)?
(12-05-2016 06:34 PM)Dieter Wrote:  
(12-04-2016 10:54 PM)vk6ti Wrote:  I bet that Gundig sounds good, terrible to work on, but a marvel of 60's German engineering

Err... that's a whole decade earlier (1954). ;-)
German audio engineering of the Sixties was a completely different story.
For a first impression take a look at some pictures of the Braun Studio 1000 series.


Hi Dieter,
Yes you are correct 1954/55, I made a simple amateur mistake :-)
I have worked on tube radios and gear for about 30 years, however I don't recall
ever working on a Grundig 4035.

I see what you mean about the Braun Studio 1000, very futuristic for it's time,
there is some interesting gear floating around late 50's early 60's, especially the
transistor / tube hybrids.

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