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HP-67 FUN rom documentation thread
12-01-2016, 12:19 AM (This post was last modified: 12-01-2016 12:30 AM by Dieter.)
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RE: HP-67 FUN rom documentation thread
(11-30-2016 10:34 PM)Gene Wrote:  Great. All these changes are made and should be "live" in the PDF.

A note on TTT: The program always displays the three rows of the board (FIX 3) and finally the complete board (FIX 9). Especially during the first moves two adjacent rows of the board may be identical, so there are two pause displays with the same numbers which may be hard to distinguish on a fast emulator. However, on a real device (or e.g. on V41 set to a realistic speed) this is no problem, an additional CLD makes sure the rows are properly separated.

The example in the PDF is a bit misleading here. It should look more like this:
After XEQ "TTT" the initial board with the calculator's first move is displayed:


...followed by the move (2) and the complete board display (right of decimal point):


Now the player selects the lower left corner: 1 [R/S]
And the next move of the calculator (center) is displayed.



...etc. etc.

If a printer is connected, the 3-digit board display should also be printed while the final overview only appears in the display.

Instead of R/S the player can also press B to enter his move. C re-displays the board. After this the next move can again be entered via R/S or B.

LBL A: start game
LBL B: enter move (or simply press R/S)
LBL C: display board

LBL 01...09: Return possible moves for board position 1...9
Since position 2 is initally occupied by the calculator there is no LBL 02

LBL 10: x=1: record HP's move, x=2: record player's move, both stored in R02
LBL 11: display one row of the board
LBL 12: determine HP's move after first move of player
LBL 13: record HP's move on board
LBL 14: split off next digit from R03

R00: move counter
R01: complete board
R02: HP's or player's move
R03: calculator's move (digits represent fields to choose after 1st, 2nd, ... move)

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