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HP-67 FUN rom documentation thread
11-30-2016, 10:18 PM (This post was last modified: 11-30-2016 10:29 PM by Dieter.)
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RE: HP-67 FUN rom documentation thread
(11-30-2016 08:22 PM)Gene Wrote:  The PDF in the original post links to the updated PDF.

There are some typos in the updated information.

And JT still has some errors:
1) XEQ "JT"
2) Calculator will ask for the probability of an honest answer (1...100%)
3) Start a new game with B, calculator will generate...
4) Enter your guess for this number and press C (!)
5) Depending on... ...and press C (!) again...
6) ...
7) ...return to step 4 to continue.

A: Set honesty, reset guess counter
B: Start a new game
C: Check guess
D: Display number of guesses

The listings and instructions now show the RNG functions as XEQ "R" and XEQ "S". I think this should be XROM "R" resp. XROM "S", like it is displayed on the 41.

"ML": you should mention the flashing display of the final touchdown speed.

"OAB" registers:
R00: random seed
R01: number of remaining games
R02: bank/pot
R03: three-digit number
R04: constant 10 (arghh... should have removed that!)
R05: first digit
R06: second digit
R07: third digit

LBL 01: display remaining games and stop
LBL 02: random number generator (1..9)
LBL 04: store first digit
LBL 05: store second digit
LBL 09: check for 123, 246, 369 etc.

00: hold at least one digit
01: hold first digit
02: hold second digit
03: hold third digit

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