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Potential infringement of copyright
12-03-2016, 01:52 PM
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RE: Potential infringement of copyright
(12-02-2016 08:52 PM)renif Wrote:  My usage of the word "Potential" aimed to achieve both: adressing a legal problem and avoiding any kind of impolite accusation at the same time. Obviously without success. The document in question is still being distributed - with your backing. And instead of at the least considering the possibility of being wrong in this special case you are accusing me of playing tricks with the forum (see "red herring"). That's not exactly the way I exspected this to be handled.

I'm not a lawyer either. But still to me the situation seems to be pretty clear. The WP34S project page clearly states
GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
This includes also the documentation e.g. manual version 3.1
Once you publish something under the GPLv3 you're bound to this license even as the original Author. Though it is recommended there to select a different license for manuals or other text there is no where stated that the GPLv3 should not apply to the manual, thus the manual simply is part of the aforementioned project under GPLv3. Consequently fhub had every right in what he was doing, carefully following the terms of the GPL. More precisely, Walter, the original author, himself is violating the license by not making the derived work publicly available.

The offer of the GNU community to use their license model, makes it rather easy for everybody to NOT get in trouble with legal affairs. But you have to obey them once they are used. If you don't like the consequences, don't use this license.

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