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Potential infringement of copyright
11-29-2016, 09:50 PM (This post was last modified: 11-29-2016 11:06 PM by renif.)
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Question Potential infringement of copyright
From another thread in the General Forum, written by one of the moderators:

Quote:RE: Is there anything you can use a calculator for ...
Hey Otto and Hal;
I know that you two, and your friends Albert and Donald, have an abiding interest in the 34s / 43 project.
When youall get back from vacation; look this(*) up. You might find it interesting.
It's the download page for an up-to-date open source manual for the 34s. It's credited to the original author as per the publishing agreement & kept current by a fan and power user of that fine calculator.
And it's free!

I'm kind of irritated by the fact that a moderator of this forum is involved in actions which could be regarded as an intentional infringement of copyright. The quoted posting might be the unpleasant result of an almost equally unpleasant confrontation with a user who repeatedly has violated the rules set up in this forum and who has been sent to so called temporary vacation - for good reasons as many users think. But this is no excuse for the abduction of a copyrighted work originally written by said user. It's no excuse either for uploading the copyrighted document to that obscure file sharing service (see link in citation). I even don't dare writing that service's name, so let's call it TOFSS in consistency to unwritten forum rules). Wink

As far as I can asses this from a legal perspective the manual (in whatever version) can only be maintained by another person with the original author's consent. Furthermore, a new maintainer (not author!) may not be aware of the fact that any consent given in the past may be modified or withdrawn any time.

While I've been writing this posting (and having a lunch) the citated thread has been deleted. So, part of my irritation is gone. Thank You, whoever has taken charge of it!
Now for desert, I'd like to see the hijacked manual removed from TOFSS, as not doing so does not match this otherwise mostly pleasant forum.

Best regards

Edit: link at the position marked by (*) removed for obvious reasons...
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