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Different note app / way to store often used formulas / how to start programming
02-24-2014, 12:01 PM (This post was last modified: 02-24-2014 12:02 PM by Angus.)
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RE: Different note app / way to store often used formulas / how to start programming
Well, no consistant rpn throughout the whole calculator... to concretize that.

These guys do indeed respond quite often, but they are not hp.... They do not decide what has to be done or what should be done. They are not the managment whose decisions are what makes the final product.
So I really hope they were not offended by my initial post. Really.

But - on topic about often used formulae: There is something bothering me.

- is the solving app the official replacement for the mes in the 48/49/50 calculators? In the 49g+ I was missing that alot until I found out how easily it can be invoked and attached to the app key. This mes helped me countless times. And maybe it is still in the calculator and I just don't know about it.

- the mes was able to deal with diferent lists of equation. Worst workflow was to copy and rename a stored list into EQ.
When I need different sets of Data for the apps the only advice I found so far was to copy the whole app store it with diffenrent Variables... In my eyes that is -at best- a workaround leading to a confusing and looong app directory. I think everyone agrees that an application's i.e. a program's purpose is to to be run with different data. That is what a program is for.
Maybe a solution to that would be to let an app browse in specific yet bound varaible sets to choose from? To me that seems to be a modification without too many change in the Rest of the Variable conception. Coming to the last point:

- In all apps I see the possibility of unwanted calculations because of unassigned Variables still initialized to zero. Especially in the school sector that seems to be -really- error prone. Checking all variables prior to a calculation takes time and you need to re-enter them, so what do you recommend how one should deal with the user Variables.
Since the Variable concept is against my intuitive nature, but is praised as an imrovement I would love to get insights into hp's thinking.

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