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Different note app / way to store often used formulas / how to start programming
02-23-2014, 05:07 PM (This post was last modified: 02-23-2014 05:08 PM by Angus.)
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RE: Different note app / way to store often used formulas / how to start programming
Hi there

I just registered on the forum and started gathering information about the prime.

There is not too much I want to comment on right now, since I am just at the beginning of my learning curve. Just this, little offtopic, post.

Being an electrical engineer using hp calculators in the 3rd decade I want to comment on this thread. Tim, are you an official or semi-official hp employee? You say the prime never ever targeted at us, so complaining is inappropriate?
Well, I did catch the information that hp targets the education sector, but reading the official announcements says: "Best used for Engineering; Computer science; Surveying; Trigonometry; Statistics; Geometry; Biology; Chemistry; Physics" It says "...RPL entry..." etc.
The 48 series, 49, 50 did not significantly differ I my eyes so I thought the prime was indended to be a technological step forward.
But an inconsistent behaviour, some weird data storage and variable managment, NO rpn, no(?) gon focus on the exploration apps, and many other small signs of hastily dispatch made me soon realize that kind of calculator that is worth being called hp prime. Inadequate dokumentation, flickering screen, problems with firmware updates and so on are signs of cheap development.

Worrying that hp does not make efforts in making the prime a sophisticated device useful for engineers and technicians aswell makes me mad. I have to spent hours in getting used with a new conception and in addition I am left alone by hp? No statements or whatsoever?
Why should we stick to hp? Why not trying something new?

I love hp calculators and I do my very best to utilize the prime, but knowing that hp is aware of its currents cons and working on a better product would help me cool down.

To be honest: I was shocked to hear that statement from Tim and while reading several posts I got the impression that maybe "prime" calculators from hp are not to be expected any more. :-(
Pleeeeaase: do your very best for the hp prime! There is a myth to be kept alive!
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