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Different note app / way to store often used formulas / how to start programming
02-22-2014, 03:14 PM (This post was last modified: 02-23-2014 05:14 PM by debrouxl.)
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RE: Different note app / way to store often used formulas / how to start programming
Quote:But its also a fact that *HP knew the competition*. So releasing the product in the current state, was either dumb or presumptuous.
Hard for anyone to disagree with you, but that would have meant no new calculator product on the market for at least another school season, which is a lot Smile
But yeah, I too think that the Nspire's document system is a good concept and that the Prime is lacking it. The efficiency of TI's implementation of documents is an atrocious abomination and aberration (encrypted + compressed documents, the modern version of formatted text is a crazy XML soup where three words, two with italic style and two with bold style, eats up more than 200 characters), so HP could do much better.

Quote:I really would like the Prime to be successful.
Yup, so do I. I'd be interested by retargeting the Prime platform with Linux (which already has good S3C241x support), and by the making of a Prime emulator, but I simply don't have enough free time... I've gathered links and explanations for both on the TI-Planet hpwiki, but I can't do much more.

Quote:It has great (internal) hardware specs
In relative terms, indeed, though only 32 MB of RAM is somewhat disappointing in 2013+, as the Nspire CX has had 64 MB since 2011.

Quote:If HP targets the education sector, than "the education sector" will demand that the exam mode is tamper proof.
All of us assume that standardized testing regulation authorities demand tamper-proof exam mode implementations, but facts would seem to show that they fantasize over exam tampering, and do nothing to achieve tamper-proof exam mode implementations (which is a good thing for users, as it would indeed mean more locked-down calculators).
The laughingstock that the TI-Z80 and Nspire series' PTT modes are, has strongly suggested for years that these authorities rubber-stamp any technology, without any technical review whatsoever. The fact that the Prime accepts firmware upgrades containing modified strings (which is a fantastic move from a user POV, even if the potential of such a capability remains untapped to this day) reinforces my belief.

Quote:So although this is speculation, I am not sure how long the "openness" point will be valid for the Prime.
I don't know either, but HP doesn't have a history of publishing highly locked-down products, so should they ever implement some lockdown for the Prime, they'd probably alienate themselves an even larger number of technical users wrt. the Prime Smile
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