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4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
12-04-2016, 09:45 PM (This post was last modified: 12-04-2016 09:56 PM by Dieter.)
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RE: 4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
(12-04-2016 08:55 PM)Gene Wrote:  Here are what I am referring to as "bugs" in the rom. This will be on page 1 of the manual.
Game of 1130 – LBL “1130” – USER mode not set by program and should be. Press USER after starting this program. If program from ram, add a line between steps 02 and 03 for this instruction: SF 27.

I have already done a completely reworked version of 1130. Take a look at the attachment. The "pot" here is initialized to zero. Which of course can be changed if you prefer. The new version is even shorter than what's in the ROM, and it requires only R00..03. How do you like it?

(12-04-2016 08:55 PM)Gene Wrote:  One Arm Bandit – LBL “OAB” –
1) This is the most serious bug in the rom. Each game is supposed to cost $0.25 but the program charges the user $0.25 for each level pull (LBL E) rather than each game.
2) While not a bug per se, you can save 7 bytes total by using a 10 in the program where RCL 04 occurs and deleting program lines 06-07: 10 STO 04.

OK, all this can be accomplished easily. That is: once it is defined when exactly a new game starts (I'm not familiar with this kind of devices). We can also save R05 in the ART program – unless the shot counter is recalled somewhere, e.g. at the end after the KILLED message. Or we add a max. number of shots. ;-)

(12-04-2016 08:55 PM)Gene Wrote:  Tic-Tac-Toe – LBL “TTT” – Flag 05 is set in line 06 but never tested or cleared in the program.

?!? – Flag 05 is the "first move" flag which is tested a few steps after LBL B:

32 FS?C 05
33 GTO 12

The program will not work without this as this step sets the basic strategy. ;-)

(12-04-2016 08:55 PM)Gene Wrote:  Sum of Digits – LBL “SD” – Label 03 used unnecessarily in line 26. It can be deleted if program is run from ram.

Hmmm... I also got a complete rewrite of the SD program. IIRC this was even posted somewhere here in the forum.


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