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4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
11-24-2016, 07:53 PM
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RE: 4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
Glad you have a copy! There is a tremendous amount of material in this 500 page manual for an 8K rom. :-)


1) Certainly "user-written" mcode at the time of the rom was essentially terra incognito. Synthetic programming was advancing step by step. The Zenrom and CCD roms came after the PPC Rom. In fact, the 41CX and Extended functions came after the PPC ROM was made. These made a number of PPC ROM routines out of date, such as many of the alpha routines, etc.

As the PPC ROM was going to silicon the PPC ROM committee attempted to add several mcode routines written by someone at HP on their own time (Variable length pause and TONEXY (at frequency in X and duration in Y)) but these didn't work and were not debugged in time to put in and the decision was made not to wait.

2) Re: the Fix 2 vs. Fix 4, my first HP was the HP 41C which was defaulted to FIX 4 upon startup. (I have since acquired the earlier models of course!). The programmable models before the Series E (65, 55, 25, 67, 29C) which were valued much more by a majority of the PPC active user-community, were all FIX 2. Therefore, especially since the creators of the PPC ROM were of the opinion that FIX 2 was the proper startup setting, the RF routine was written to be FIX 2. I'm not as adamant for the FIX 2 vs. FIX 4, but a very nice short routine that resets the flags to ML status is a nice to have and this was a chance to put it into a .rom image other than the PPC ROM. So, carpe diem. :-)

The PPC ROM has a PPCAPPS rom image available, which holds the application programs from the PPC ROM manual that were not committed to rom due to size, such as CVPL, SC (special characters) and more.
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