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4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
11-19-2016, 09:08 PM (This post was last modified: 11-19-2016 10:13 PM by Dieter.)
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RE: 4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
(11-19-2016 08:06 PM)Gene Wrote:  Testing

Something does not seem right with LBL E (attack). I try to attack ship 2 let's say and I get hit by ship 2 but with various levels of power in my attack at them (30 units, 50, 100), I get no status update of any hit / damage. The program simply runs and shows my coords again.

30, 50 or 100 units of phaser power? I think the maximum is 9. ;-)

If the attacked Klingon ship is out of range nothing happens and only the Enterprise's position is returned. You may try the original RNG (RCL 00 ATAN FRC STO 00) and the example in the documentation. The results should match. At least they do here.

Or simply recall your own position from R04 (e.g.25,40) , store a similar value (e.g. 27,42) in R01 and then try 1 [E].

Here is an example with the 9821 generator and a seed of zero.
(Note: "<" represents the angle symbol)

XEQ "ST"     SEED?
 0 [R/S]     POS=21,13

Do a scan:
  [B]        2: d13 <135
             4: DMG=6,82

Move closer to ship #2:
135 [ENTER] 1 [C]

Prepare shields:
100 [D]      SHLDS=100,00

Attack ship #2:
  2 [E]      SHLDS=80,89
Use phaser with max. power:
  9 [R/S]    2: DMG=37,53
             4: DMG=4,78

A second attack:
  2 [E]      SHLDS=48,95
  9 [R/S]    2: DMG=2,51
             4: DMG=7,99

This did not produce much damage.
Replenish shields...

100 [D]      SHLDS=148,95

...and do another attack:

  2 [E]      SHLDS=119,54
  9 [R/S]    2: DMG=5,90
             4: DMG=7,35

Not much damage again,
so try one more attack:

  2 [E]      SHLDS=97,53
  9 [R/S]    2: DMG=57,62
             2: DESTROYED
             4: DMG=5,50

This time the damage destroyed ship #2.

Review your own damage:

  4 [f][B]   4: DMG=32,44

Repair this amount of damage.
32,44 is in X, so simply press
    [f][C]   4: DMG=-32,44
etc. etc.

P.S.: Please insert a FIX 2 after LBL 80 ST+06.

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