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4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
11-09-2016, 08:23 PM (This post was last modified: 11-09-2016 08:23 PM by Dieter.)
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RE: 4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
(11-09-2016 01:42 PM)Gene Wrote:  Gene: Great! Post the .raw files and we will start double checking them! Wonderful!

I just finished (well, at the moment I think so...) the Space War program. There are some modifications that make the code more efficient, also the phaser and torpedo routines now display the number of remaining Alglogs. A CLRGX routine was added at LBL 50.

The attachment includes the listing and a raw file. For testing purposes both the RNG and the seed routine are included, so you can run the raw file directly without any additional routines. That's why this code version has XEQ"S" and XEQ"R" instead of XROM calls. The net program without these XEQs is below 700 bytes.

The seed routine modifies the user input so that the resulting seed is between 0,05... and 0,95... and has seven decimals, the last one being 7. If you want to try the Games Pac example, remove the XEQ"S" at the beginning and replace it with 0,63154897 STO 00. Be sure to use the correct keys (see RobertM's post above).

And now: try this version and see if it works correctly.

BTW I was not able to compile "XROM 32,25" or "XROM 32,26" with hp41uc, so at the moment I can't provide a raw file with these commands. What am I doing wrong?


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