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4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
11-04-2016, 07:45 AM
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RE: 4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
(11-03-2016 08:21 PM)Gene Wrote:  Rather than cut cut cut, I think we should drop the last minute addition SD (Sum of Digits). That saves 101 bytes which means we would have over 40 spare bytes in the rom.

This way the cuts may be removed. For instance the battleship program may get back its *DESTROYED* message and the FIX 4 at the end that resets the display mode back to normal. ;-)

You also wrote:

(11-03-2016 08:21 PM)Gene Wrote:  That would allow us to add seed prompts to the programs that don't have them

I still would like to see the idea of a common RNG and seed prompt realized. This would save a substantial number of bytes. All what's needed is a unified use of, say, R00 for the random number generator. The few programs that use other registers can be modified easily.

(11-03-2016 08:21 PM)Gene Wrote:  - ST (Star Trek) uses register 07 for the seed but has no prompt.

Ah, yes, this one was not on my list of programs with RNG. I now see it has a quite ...creatively implemented RNG at LBL 08. ;-)

(11-03-2016 08:21 PM)Gene Wrote:  - OAB (One Armed Bandit - I'll add the extra A to the label now) - will get a prompt too.
- JT (Jive Turkey) will get a prompt.

Now that's about a dozen programs with a seed prompt. Let's assume that's is done like this:

RCL 00  ; recall current seed, will be taken if user just presses R/S
STO 00

That's 9 bytes times 12 occurences = 108 bytes in total. Replacing the individual prompts by an XEQ"S" yields 3 bytes times 12 = 36 bytes plus 9 bytes for the prompt routine and another 6 for LBL"S" and RTN, i.e. 51 bytes. So a common seed prompt saves 57 bytes! In the ROM this would be an XROM"S" instruction – I'm not sure about the exact byte count of such a call, but you get the idea.

Now do the same calculation with a coomon RNG routine and the savings will be even greater.

(11-03-2016 08:21 PM)Gene Wrote:  Does that sound ok? We would them go with 15 games in this first 4K HP-67 games rom.

Gene, could you provide a simple ASCII text file with all the listings that finally will be part of the ROM? There were some major changes since the last version. I am sure we even can squeeze out some more bytes.

(11-03-2016 08:21 PM)Gene Wrote:  HP-67 Games rom 2 would then be discussed. :-)

Yes: "then".
Please, let's complete the current project first before we talk about the next one.

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