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4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
11-02-2016, 08:40 PM
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RE: 4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
Ok, heard back from Jim. Here's what he said:

Remember, you're essentially entering an algebraic statement. "1+2x3"
gives 7, but "1+2x3~" doesn't make any sense. The final "~" means
"negative..." but there's nothing to get the negative of.It's not like
"CHS", the RPN change-sign function. So it has to precede whatever value
it applies to. Isn't algebraic grand?

So ~(1+2)x3 should work, as should 3~(1+2), where the ~ negates the (1+2)
and there's an implicit multiply after the 3, so it's treated as
3x(-1x(1+2)). I don't have the program running so I can't check if that
works. It should also work for numeric entry: 5/~4 should return -1.25 if
it's OK.

Gene: And it works the way he describes. 5 / chs 4 = gives -1.25. I think we are ok.

I have updated Golf with your byte saving suggestions. Great catch. I also put back in the leading space in two places. We have room for it now :-) and it does look nicer, I agree.

The original Golf write-up describes the putting behavior. If you are one foot away from the cup but put in a really high force for the put, the ball goes past the hole and instead of a negative number displayed, it switches to positive as you observe. This is intended per the original write-up.

Link to updated .zip file here:

zip file of raw files

If my math is correct, we have 13 spare bytes, so I think we are good.
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