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4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
11-01-2016, 09:51 PM
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RE: 4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
(11-01-2016 08:52 PM)Gene Wrote:  Golf - Care to take a swing at that one? It's from the HP-67 games manual and is very complicated

Yes, I tried a translation some time ago but I was not satisfied with the result, so I finally gave up on this.

(11-01-2016 08:52 PM)Gene Wrote:  ...compared to the easy golf program on my webpage here:

That's an easy one. I already did a 41 version some time ago. In that thread I wrote:

"The Games Pac version sure is much, much more sophisticated. Maybe a bit too sophisticated for the limited memory of the 67/97 (some actions require the user to store values manually in certain registers). But changing this would come close to a more or less rewritten version for the 41."

And that's what I still think.

(11-01-2016 08:52 PM)Gene Wrote:  Maybe the smaller version should be put in here to make room for ...

the LBL + and LBL = etc. in the AOS program ? Adding in those labels takes 55 bytes plus 20 bytes for the extra FAT overhead (so 75 total)

That's not so much that it could not be done. ;-)

(11-01-2016 08:52 PM)Gene Wrote:  before making use of PASN to assign these to the keys.

PASN requires a CX or a X-Functions module, so I think using this function is not an option here.

(11-01-2016 08:52 PM)Gene Wrote:  And speaking of the AOS program, from a CLR state, should 5 XEQ c result in a -5 showing? When I type 5 then XEQ c I see a 5 showing. If I do an XEQ c again, it shows -5 at that point. ?

That's what I observed, too. I think if you want to enter –5 simply press 5 CHS as you would normally do on an HP calculator. But still the "CHS" function of the AOS program does not work as I would have expected. That's why I mentioed this point in my reply to Jim's post.

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