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4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
11-01-2016, 08:09 PM
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RE: 4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
Dieter, thanks again for looking these over. More than one set of eyes is always good. Even with the PPC ROM, a bug remained where the BE routine had a GTO BE near the end instead of a GTO local label. I am nowhere NEAR as clever as all those people were.

Re: Chess. I really thought I HAD included the labeled chess program, but obviously I did not. It is in the folder properly now.

Re: Golf. This is one I have really spent very little time on so far. I put in the "STACK" prompt where the print stack functions were as a placeholder, but it could really use some improvement. :-)

Re: Space War - all of the secondary registers are used in LBL A for the Short Range Scan.

Re: Common RN generator. I have spoken with Angel and the RNDM mcode function he uses can be put into these programs relatively easily if I edit them and put the TIME function (placeholder as an XROM instruction to be replaced with the XROM for the RNDM function call). As to the storing of a SEED, that's a bit more problematic. If we use the seed Angel uses (he takes it from the Time Module functionality in the 41CX) then these won't play on a 41C or 41CV. That may mean it is best to leave the seed storing label in the games. What do you think ?

Re: AOS. I had a crazy idea here but it would take up too much space. If you put in global alpha labels such as LBL +, LBL = and LBL CHS, etc., then the functionality of this could be assigned to the 41C keys and while in USER mode, the machine would work nearly as an AOS style machine. Assign = to ENTER and voila. However, that takes a LOT of memory space which is tight. Still, it makes it much more fun than having to press 1/x for subtraction. :-)
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