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4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
10-31-2016, 05:08 PM
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RE: 4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
(10-31-2016 07:36 AM)Dieter Wrote:  But now let me ask a few questions about your program:

As already posted, I think that the (second) label B near the end of the program is the point where all routines stop and the result is displayed. Pressing [R/S] at this point will set flag 3 and thus simulate a new data entry, as mentioned in the instructions. Is this correct?

As far as I can tell the CHS function requires this additional [R/S]. A simple [f][c] after a calculation does not change the sign of the result. At least it does not in my translated '41 program, only another [f][c] does it. Is this the intended behaviour?

BTW, why did you use label A and B twice? There are other unused labels available, e.g. 8 and 9.

Finally, could you say something about the use of flags 1 and 2? What are they used for?


Hello, Dieter!

An honor to have you looking at my old program. I'll dig into it and try to remember exactly what's going on with it, flags and all. Will try to answer you questions later tonight (tomorrow in Europe). Best to you!
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