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4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
10-28-2016, 03:50 PM
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RE: 4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
New game to be put into the 67 games rom! Angel, don't redo the rom yet. I'll send all the .raw files when it is good to go. :-)

The game is "11/30" - 142 bytes. Raw file attached. Similar to this old HP 65 ! game:
HP-65 11/30 write-up

XEQ 1130. Enter decimal seed and then enter an initial bank deposit.

HP will generate two random numbers between 11 and 30. Display will show 12.25 BET?

You enter a $$ amount to bet that the NEXT random number between 11 and 30 will actually fall between the two displayed values, end points inclusive.

So key 10 R/S to bet $10. You win if the next number is 12, 13, 14...24, 25. You lose if it is 11, 26, 27...30.

Press R/S to try again.

When the 41C has shown the win or lose display, press E to display current bank roll. Press A to start over with two new numbers.

Hope to get this into the 4K rom.

1130 raw file


XEQ alpha 1130 alpha
SEED? 0.123456789 R/S
POT? 50 R/S

12.14 BET? (Gene: Not very likely next number is between 12-14!)
0 R/S (Gene: Bet $0)
LOSE 28-12.14 (I lost $0 because the next number was 28 - outside range of 12-14).
14.22 BET?
20 R/S
WIN 21-14.22
17.24 BET?
5 R/S
WIN 18-17.24
E (Gene: Check bank)
POT =$75
A (Gene: Start new set of numbers)
25.28 BET?
0 R/S
LOSE - 15-25.28

and so on.

Note: I'm not worried about the language of "losing" $0. That's a win in reality, but I didn't want to make this game any longer than it is.

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