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HP 48gII and 50g quality
09-22-2016, 06:06 AM
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RE: HP 48gII and 50g quality
I bought a 48gii because I like the color scheme of the HP 49g+. (I understand I am in the minority). I use my 50g and 48gii more often because the keyboards are right. However, I keep hunting for 49g+s on eBay with the highest serial number possible because I love that calculator.

If anyone can confirm a serial number range for 49g+ with 'best quality' keyboards I would appreciate it. The highest serial I have is CNA 527XXXXX and it's pretty good, but not 50g or 48gii good.

Rumor has it HP made some number of 49g+s with '50g keyboards' and a (4)AA battery compartment, but I have never seen one. I would pay the price of a Prime if I could find one for sale.

Best regards.
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