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Raw files for these HP 67 program listings ?
09-04-2016, 02:42 PM (This post was last modified: 09-05-2016 04:11 PM by RobertM.)
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RE: Raw files for these HP 67 program listings ?
Here is Chess.

I only did the card reader required version since that seems to be what is desired, but it takes 465 bytes (including a data loader routine that executes each time you press A to start).

Also, in the example given by Valentin, the last play is incorrectly listed as 322.0000006 (B-Kt2), but this isn't what the program shows (which is legal, but doesn't result in checkmate). The program actually displays 537.0000006 (Q-B7) which is correct and checkmate. The example was incorrect in PPCJ V7N6P18 as well, and I didn't find any corrections in future NOPs. Oh well.

I'm guessing that since the byte count is full, you don't want me to go on to "One Armed Bandit" and "Golf"? And let me know if you want help with the data loading for the two modules. Just let me know where to find the programs and data, and if you want the loading routine included automatically (like I did with Chess).

Edit: Added CH.txt and CH.RAW to the zip (the non-card reader versions).

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