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Yes, calculators are made from plastic ^^
08-25-2014, 09:22 PM
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RE: Yes, calculators are made from plastic ^^
(08-25-2014 07:28 PM)Lonewolf Wrote:  
(08-25-2014 09:18 AM)walter b Wrote:  Well, perfect scientific calculators (PSC) are a long story. ... Please just let me point you to the fact that we offer 2.5 approximations to a PSC: The WP 31S (featuring a primary pi), the WP 34S, and the 43S. You find plenty of information about them on this very forum. Enjoy!

I appreciate your reference to the WP-series of scientific calculators; I want to be more specific. . . Whether RPN or algebraic, a 'perfectly' designed scientific calculator for the non-professional (...) would be one that would have all of the first-functions, as space allows, that are very important to non-professional scientific use:

1. 1/X; pi; DMS; EE; ENG; DRG; sqrt; x^2; sin; cos; tan; log; ln; y^x; STO; RCL; Ab/c; Rec>Pol

Relegating the trigonometric HYP button to a second-function would free up a first-function button.

And all of this would be in a package no longer than 5-3/4". You would pick up this handy, elegant scientific calculator with an organized keypad, efficiently perform common calculations with minimum keystrokes, and it would have soundness in its mechanical design.

Seems reading didn't mean acting, thus I'll present the WP 31S to you:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=406]

You can see it fulfills most of your requests. With the HW we can get (HP 30b), it's 149 mm long. And - most important - it's available.

With respect to the importance of particular 'scientific' functions, there are many different opinions here. The design of the WP 31S underwent a few polls on this forum to ensure maximum acceptance. Of course, other surfaces were and are possible, but this one was chosen. As mentioned, you'll find plenty of information about this calculator and its siblings here. Please search and check.

Whatever you'll not find explained there, I'm most willing to answer for you.

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