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1,024 additional Registers on the CL
08-08-2016, 06:25 PM
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RE: 1,024 additional Registers on the CL
The CL Expanded memory rom can make a complete backup of the entire HP 41 memory (main and extended) and allows three separate backups. The function to copy the current memory to one of these regions prompts for a 1, 2, or 3. These presently point to the ram block in the 41CL of 801, 802 or 803 (1,2,3).

The way Angel has set up the expanded register access in the same rom takes ram block 801 away and you would now have only two backup locations - 802 or 803.

I had suggested he change the backup function prompt so that if you typed 1 it would backup to page 803 rather than 801. It would allow someone to have ONE backup of full memory in 803 and if they wanted 2048 registers by using 801 and 802.

Or they could have two backups in 803 and 802 and 1024 registers in 801...if the backup function copied FIRST to 803 and then 802 rather than 801, then 802, then 803.

I think that's correct?
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