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[HP48GX] Testing repaired keyboard
07-25-2016, 12:32 PM
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RE: [HP48GX] Testing repaired keyboard
(07-25-2016 01:58 AM)mfleming Wrote:  Be sure to twist them back enough to reestablish electrical contact (one of my newbie mistakes when doing my first repair job).

Hi Mike,

This is my main concern in the testing phase. So I wouldn't twists the hooks only to test the contact between the flatpack and PCB. I fear that the hooks can break and the copper on the pads can be scrape. Therefore I'm thinking to develop a specific tool to obtain the electrical contact between the A, B, C e D pads and the ground.

The tool I have in mind consist of four pieces of a copper pipe with 5mm internal diameter and 20mm tall. Then I will put the four cylinders over the A, B, C, D pads and I will connect electrically its to the ground.

With this tools I can give the ground to the A,B,C,D pads and can push the PCB against the keyboard to control the contact PCB/flatpack.
What do you think about?
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