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FFT Multiplication (HP-48G/GX/G+)
02-12-2014, 07:09 PM (This post was last modified: 02-12-2014 07:11 PM by Han.)
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RE: FFT Multiplication (HP-48G/GX/G+)
Gerson's post already alluded to this, but there is a HUGE difference between computing with integers and non-integers on the HP50G. Since the HP49G, integers were considered a new object. That is, 2 is very different from 2. from an object-type point of view. So you will see a dramatic increase in speed just by switching your input from integer values to "integers-with-a-trailing-decimal-point."

The code Gerson posted could be made even faster by changing all the integers to decimals. 1 -> 1. and 2 -> 2. etc.

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