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A new HP-67 Simulator for the iPhone
08-03-2016, 11:51 AM
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RE: A new HP-67 Simulator for the iPhone
(07-29-2016 10:05 AM)tomisan Wrote:  Praise for the RPN-67 Pro (and RPN-65 Pro).

Thank you for creating these outstanding simulators!

They are a joy to use and especially the versatile program database where I can easily keep track of my (fully annotated) programs, has rekindled my old passion for keystroke programming.

Thank you. It's great to hear you like my work.

Here are some features of the next update of RPN-67/97 Pro:
  • Next step number display above "OFF" text
  • Paper tape capacity increased to 2000 lines
  • TEXT command accepts codes 1..255, including lower- and upper-case Greek alphabet
  • Improved results for SIN, COS, TAN with very large arguments
  • Decimal addition/subtraction for higher precision
  • Speed optimizations
Speed improvements may be quite dramatic. For example, running the program "Collatz Conjecture" (see Library 1 on the website) using the start value 63,728,127 is down from 33 seconds to 3 seconds. And that includes the printout of all 949 intermediate results.
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