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SAD (Saturn disassembler) & HP-71B ROM
04-05-2016, 04:55 PM
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RE: SAD (Saturn disassembler) & HP-71B ROM
(04-05-2016 07:24 AM)Alejandro Paz(Germany) Wrote:  Hello,

I have been reading old posts and found SAD (on, v1.05). It seems mostly 48 oriented, and I was wondering if there is a list of symbols and formats for the 71's ROM. I have the 71ids that comes with the Museum DVDs (at least it comes with the version 6 I bought like in 2008 or I don't remember), but working on some code and not being able to search the pdfs makes working on some code a bit slow.

Any ideas ?



Edit: improved title and content, I think.

Get a copy of Joe Horn's Online LIF Disk Project (from here) and look for the Basic program IDSXREF and files IDSNAMES and IDSADDRS. This was a utility for doing what your asking for, looking up entry point names and addresses.

I have not used it in decades, but it does the job. I don't think anyone ever typed-in all the entry points since most folks (that do this stuff) had the IDS.

--Bob Prosperi
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